Our factory for pig/bovine pharmaceutical/edible gelatin

We are a chinese manufacturer specializing in production of edible gelatin and pharmaceutical gelatin. The factory covers an area of 66,000㎡ and has an annual production capacity of 8,000 tons. We have professional equipments: 7,800㎡ skin splitting workshop, 5,300㎡ skin washing workshop, 4,300㎡ gelatin extraction workshop and 15000㎡ large sewage treatment plant; 20 sets of cellulose filters, 5 sets of ion exchangers, 3 sets of membrane filters, 2 sets of multi-effect vacuum evaporators, 1 steam sterilizer, 1 band dryer system, and automatic gelatin mixers.

We have obtained iso9001and iso22000 certification: quality management system certification and food safety management system certification. All our gelatin is manufactured under food grade standards. We can process cattle hide and pig skin for the production of Type A gelatin and Type B gelatin. A large 500㎡ laboratory with 12 full time pharmacists and chemists controls the quality of every batch gelatin. Our laboratory can customize gelatin for you according to your parameters and all our products are subject to strict testing before shipping.

Our gelatin can be used as an ingredient or raw material for candy, ice cream, instant gelatin, gelatin sheets and collagen peptides. It can also be used in pharmaceutical industry: dietary supplement, cosmetic, soft capsule, hard capsule, gelatin blood plasma, gelatin hemostatic sponge, tissue engineering, etc.

Common questions about buying gelatin

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    Office building

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    Hide split workshop

  • otto max gelatin manufacturer Hide wash workshop

    Hide wash workshop

  • otto max gelatin manufacturer extraction workshop

    Extraction workshop

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    Cellulose filter

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    Multi-effect evaporator

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