Application of gelatin in pharmacy

More and more people have paid attention to their health because of the significant improvement of living standards and the diseases caused by the global aging. The rapid development of medicine and pharmacy has led to an increase sales of drugs year after year. The good biocompatibility and biodegradability of gelatin play an important role in drugs and medical supplies.

gelatin for soft capsule, hard capsule and pill


Gelatin is the material used to manufacture hard capsules or two-piece capsule that are used to package powdered medicines for accurate dosing and swallowing. The digested capsule quickly releases drug in the stomach. Soft capsules or single piece capsule made of glycerin and gelatin solution is used to wrap oily liquid drug, such as cod liver oil, vitamin E, etc. Capsule prevents drug deterioration to expand its shelf life; it also blocks bitterness and unpleasant smell of medicine.


Gelatin's good biocompatibility makes it ideal for medical microcapsule which contains gelatin shell and filler with diameters ranging from a few microns to hundreds of microns. The gelatin shell allows drug to be released slowly and uniformly, making the stable drug concentration in the blood. It also prevents the filler from reacting with oxygen and moisture, or being contaminated by microorganisms.

Gelatin sponge

The foam-rich gelatin solution is treated by formaldehyde to get stable property. It is made into a gelatin sponge for hemostasis in surgery. The antibiotics or coagulation factors is filled in its small porous structure to prevent infectious wound and accelerate healing. The gelatin sponge can be degraded by human body.

Man-made blood plasma

The viscosity and osmotic pressure of the modified gelatin solution are similar to human blood plasma, so they can be used as a substitute for blood in emergency. It restores the patient's circulation system and drives red blood cells to transport medicine and oxygen. Gelatin blood plasma is rarely rejected by patients. It can be excreted from body in a few days, or degraded by patients.


Collagen peptide is widely used in skin care products. It has a small molecular weight, usually below 3000 DA, and can cross horny layer of skin into dermis. The collagen peptides have a lot of hydrophilic groups and keep skin moist. It encourages the growth of fibroblasts, prompting it to synthesize more collagen to rejuvenate skin. The composition of collagen peptide is similar to human skin, so it can provide nutrients to skin when it is broken down in the body. Due to its excellent bioactivity, many cosmetics marketed today, such as face mask, eye cream and skin cream, contain collagen.

➤  Gel strength: 140-250g    Viscosity: 3mpas

➤  Clarity: 70%(450nm) 89%(620nm)

➤  Moisture:12%    Ash: 0.18%

➤  Packing: 25kg per package    Payments: T/T, discount with big quantity

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