Global distribution of gelatin industry

Europe and the United States dominate the market, while Asian countries grow rapidly

The gelatin industry is mainly concentrated in Western Europe, the United States, Japan, India, and China. Europe is the world's largest producer of pig skin gelatin; Asia is the world's major producer of bone gelatin, especially in China, Japan and India.

global distribution of gelatin industryEurope has the world's largest market with a 39% share of the international gelatin market; North America accounts for 20%; Latin America accounts for 17% and 24% from other countries and regions. Although Europe and North America have a relatively large market share, these traditional markets have become saturated and their growth momentum is weak. The Asian and Latin American markets are growing rapidly, especially in China and India.

Europe and North America

Because developed countries have a long history of cattle raising and a better industrial base, they have been engaged in gelatin industry for a long time. Before 1980s, the world gelatin market was mostly monopolized by European and North American factories and distributors. In recent years, the outbreak of mad cow disease hit bovine gelatin hard. Public are still skeptical about the scientific institution's claim that they are not at risk of these disease even with accidental use of the infected raw materials in process. So these factories turned to manufacture pigskin gelatin to avoid arguments. Now European pigskin gelatin accounts for about 2/3 of total European gelatin. Because the advanced technology and better quality give it a good reputation in world market, gelatin from these countries are more popular among users and its price is generally higher.


Because of the reform and opening up from 1980s to today, China has quickly emerged as the world's major gelatin producer and exporter. In addition to China, Japan, India, South Korea also play an important role in gelatin market. Asia is the main producer of bovine hide and bovine bone gelatin currently.

South America

Like Asia, the gelatin industry developed rapidly in Latin America after the 1980s. Their output increased year by year. The production scale in Latin America is now comparable to that of North America.

Other regions

It is produced very little in Africa and Oceania.

Gelatin in China

In the 1920s, the Shanghai Gelatin Factory had already started manufacturing skin gelatin. From 1950s to 1970s, the factories producing gelatin were all state-owned enterprises with mediocre total output. After China's reform and opening up, a large amount of capital entered gelatin industry to establish private enterprises. At present, there are more than 100 gelatin manufacturers in China and most of them are small plants with an annual output less than 2,000 tons. There are only a dozen plants with an annual output of 4,000 tons and most of them are joint ventures. Local gelatin companies are also invested or swallowed up by foreign capital. The big three( Rousselot, Galita Group, PB Leiner) built factories in China one after another.

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➤  Clarity: 70%(450nm) 89%(620nm)

➤  Moisture:12%    Ash: 0.18%

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