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Leaf gelatin or gelatin sheet is made from a standardized gelatin powder. The gelatin powder is dissolved in water and poured into a mold. Then dry and cut it into thin rectangular pieces. It is widely used in domestic baking, bakery, cafeteria and catering.

edible gelatin for cake or dessertCake or dessertGelatin sheet used in milk or cream not only makes them easier to be whipped, the solidified gelatin also stabilizes the foams and gives the cream a stable shape. This whipped cream is spread on cake or used as cheese foam for beverage. In soft cakes like mousse, more gelatin is added. They not only act as a foaming agent, but also increase the stickiness of mousse to make the cut surface smoother.

edible gelatin for mirror cakeGlazing for FoodIn some restaurants or bakeries, gelatin sheet is often used to create coating for food. A mirror glaze on cake surface has a protective and decorative effect. The neutral taste coating rarely interferes with the original food flavor; the colorant, pattern on glaze and luster of gelatin make the cake more attractive. It also isolate air to slow down cream oxidation and bacteria growth. The decorative fruits on the cake surface is often glazed by gelatin solution to help them retain moisture in dry environment and this makes them glossy in the light. Some desserts rich in sugar are also coated with gelatin to prevent their sugar from clumping as it absorbs moisture from the air, or even dissolving.

Leaf gelatin vs gelatin powder

How to use leaf gelatin

➤  Gel strength: 140-250g    Viscosity: 3mpas

➤  Clarity: 70%(450nm) 89%(620nm)

➤  Moisture:12%    Ash: 0.18%

➤  Packing: 25kg per package    Payments: T/T, discount with big quantity

➤  We are a edible gelatin manufacturer, factory, producing bovine/pig skin gelatin, gelatin A and B, customized products.

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